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Velux roof windows fitted

Top quality Velux windows fitted in Wicklow

Velux are one of the top names in roof windows and skylights and Wicklow Roofing And Guttering is proud to be one of the roofing companies in Wicklow who can fit these to your property. Whether you are having roof repairs, replacement of your flat roofs or even new roofs entirely, we can add Velux windows in the right place to add light and air to your room.

Velux Roof Windows

Top quality Velux roof windows

Fitted to any style of property

Over 60 years’ experience creating windows

Wide range of styles available

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Velux are the best manufacturers of Roof Windows ?

Velux have been making roof windows and skylights for over 60 years and have an extensive range of styles available. Their name is now synonymous with high-quality products and they create the benchmark for others in the industry. Adding their windows allows you to get light and air into a room including the loft and make it a more pleasant space.

Their windows can go into any slope from 15 to 85 degrees using zinc, copper or lead flashing to finish the waterproof seal. They can be fitted while slating or tiling a pitched roof as well as while replacing a flat roof with DuoPly, asphalt or hot melt.

Full range of extras

Another benefit with a recognised name such as Velux is that there are plenty of additional extras you can add to the windows and skylights. By searching for the brand you will find everything from roller shutters and sunscreens to remote control systems for the windows and shutters.

Wicklow Roofing And Guttering provides a free quote for any work you want to be done. So if you are looking to have roof windows added as a standalone job or want to have repairs or replacement of your roofing material and add in new windows, we can help.

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